Meet My School Counselor, Mrs. Sparks, was
written so that students and parents would know
what school counselors do and that their school
counselor is a valuable resource for them.

Meet My School Counselor, Mrs. Sparks, is a heartwarming story about Helen Jane, a 3rd grader who has already navigated some of life’s greatest challenges. She moves to a new school in 1st grade, experiences the death of her Mom in 2nd grade, deals with kids making fun of her in 3rd grade due to her Filipino heritage, and then prepares to transition to middle school in 4th grade. This story describes how Mrs. Sparks advocates for Helen Jane every step of the way. Meet My School Counselor, Mrs. Sparks would be ideal to incorporate in orientation lessons with elementary students at the beginning of the year, to depict the various ways school counselors can assist students in need.